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As a member of the Healthcare Advisory Panel, you will periodically receive invitations to participate in high-quality, paid research studies. These studies, specifically for decision makers, influencers, and product users in the Healthcare Industry, may be in the form of online surveys, one-on-one telephone interviews, online focus groups, in-person focus groups and more. You may even be asked to test and provide feedback on prototype Healthcare products before they’re available in market. Below are some general things to keep in mind to help you maximize the value of your HAP membership.

  • Your Professional Profile: Once you join the Healthcare Advisory Panel, you will be presented with two brief profiles: Personal and Company/Employment. Fill these out as completely as you can. The more information you provide in your profiles, the better we will be at inviting you to relevant research opportunities that you are likely to qualify for.
  • Qualification Rates: Every research study has a target audience in mind. For example, a study may require interviews with Infection Prevention or Environmental Services professionals. Often we will not know if you meet the specific requirements without asking several additional questions. These are known as “screener” questions and every online survey you take will have them. Sometimes the screener portion of the survey will last up to 5 minutes. We know it can be discouraging to spend 5 minutes taking a survey to find out you don’t qualify for it. Fortunately, the average qualification rate for our online studies is nearly 50%, so if you don’t qualify for one study, the odds are you will qualify for the next.
  • Invitations: Invitations to research opportunities will be delivered to your email inbox. We will include three important pieces of information in your invitations: time requirement, honoraria amount, and general qualification criteria. Participation is always at your convenience, so these three pieces of information may help you decide if you want to participate and help you plan your valuable time.
  • Honoraria: Honoraria amounts vary by study. You will always have a choice to either earn cash for your participation or to enter a sweepstakes for a large cash prize. The odds of winning the cash prize will always be posted. Our surveys are typically small – you have a real chance of winning! Typically, we offer $2 to $4 per minute for an online survey, depending on the specific details of the research. Honoraria for one-on-one interviews or focus groups are higher. Our goal is to pay honoraria within two weeks of closing the research study. You will be able to track your research history and earned honoraria via your HAP dashboard. Final rewards are redeemable immediately to your PayPal account. Additional reward options will also be available soon.
  • Time Commitment: The average length of our online research surveys is 15 – 20 minutes. You are very busy and may not be able to complete the entire survey in one sitting. Almost all surveys allow you to pause your survey and begin again at a later time, but sometimes technical issues arise. If at all possible, to avoid potential issues, please carve out the appropriate amount of time and complete the entire survey in one sitting.

Our research clients primarily include Healthcare chemical and equipment manufacturing companies. Below are examples of research studies that Healthcare Advisory Panel members have participated in recently:

  • New Product Concept Testing
  • Aerosol Disinfectant Product Proposition Feedback
  • Industry Magazine, Website, Association, and Other Media Sources Survey
  • Healthcare Industry Problem Identification Survey
  • New Product Concept Testing Focus Groups